Hank Your Way to Big Wins from Online Slot Machines

Yes, it is very much possible to outdo the systems used by online casinos and win real money from their biggest jackpot games. Here we look at the best ways you can hack your way to a fortune. This is about playing the system and not illegally hacking into the mainframe to steal money, so what you learn here is 100% legit!

Learn the Techniques Required to Beat the Slots

The first rule of beating the system at its own games is learning. Players that achieve success will have developed a familiarity with the games and their software developers with over a years’ experience behind them. If you are new to betting online, then we will show you the fast-track approach to get up to speed with those that are trying to beat not only the casino but beat you to the highly prized rewards.

Step one is to find a reputable casino that tests their gaming options regularly to free them from faults, thusly, increasing the odds of winning. The top sites for South African players to join are currently held here. Every casino regulated to give players a fair and honest chance of winning.

Step two is to learn about the games.

A. Software developers are highly important, some indeed make crap games, others make them very easy to win from.

B. Learn about the algorithms. There are two programs which affect the outcomes, they are the RTP% and the RNG. If you want to win big then play new RTP% games. If you want to win small and frequent, then you play the RNG games.

The Rules of Hacking an Online Casino

Step 3 is all about the processing of information that goes for you and against you. Once you click here to access the best online casinos in South Africa, you will be part of a system that records all your movements. Every casino has a management tool, so it is entirely unavoidable. This tool logs how much you spend, what games you play, how long you play them, what you win and what you lose. This data tells the slot you play when you should win or lose. The slots algorithm can only be overruled if there is no data. To do this, you need to clear your browser history and app cache at the end of your time playing and give it 30-days before you play again. During this time, the casino will have also performed its own clean which is part of the regulations it has to abide by when offering fair to play games.

Tips to Win Real Online Casino Money

Step 4 is about combining knowledge with clean data.

A. Only play new games, they are more popular and thusly, have a greater chance of paying out more frequently to players.

B. Stick with the same software developers. Often building familiarity with how games are can give you better judgements to how they play from a day to day basis. One if a bonus round lands fairly quickly in one of the games, most likely it will happen with the rest of the developer’s products, especially if all are linked to the same jackpot i.e. Red Tiger, Blueprint Gaming and Playtech.

C. If you want to play progressive jackpot games, read the details to see if you need to play the higher wagering amounts to qualify for the jackpot levels. Many players don’t know these facts and could be spending more than they need to as some will also trigger with the lowest wagering amount.

The key to everything is time and knowledge, working both hand in hand. Test these tips out yourself to see your improvements happen quickly.

Last modified: 19 June 2020